Stop Crowlands Rabbit Farm


The application for the Crowlands Rabbit Farm has been refused. The Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund spent some of their funds employing the services of a planning consultant, resulting in well executed objections being raised. Based on the rejection letter this was money well spent and instrumental in the refusal of this rabbit breeding farm going ahead.

It is with sadness that we have learnt that an application has been submitted to South Hollands District Council, Lincolnshire to build a rabbit breeding farm. Initial plans suggest that the 22.8 meters by 18 meters building will initially hold 120 breeding does.

This is essentially the equivalent of a puppy breeding farm! With 67,000 rabbits a year (RWAF 2012 survey) ending up in Rescue Centres do we really need a breeding farm in the UK, when we clearly have so many unwanted rabbits waiting for their forever home?

If the RWAF figure wasn’t bad enough a recent RSPCA study found that 4 out of 5 rabbits bought at Easter will be abandoned or dead by the time they reach their first birthday.

As the third most popular pet in the UK and sadly the most neglected isn’t it time that we started putting rabbit welfare first! This breeding farm unfortunately exacerbates the problem with over stretched rescue centres bursting at the seems, unable to take in those rabbits in need. Never has the term adopt don’t shop meant so much!

In support of the “Stop Crowland’s Rabbit Farm” Facebook page, we at Binky About encourage all of our readers to follow their advice to try and prevent this rabbit farm from being built. This excerpt has been taken from their Facebook page:

We have a matter of days left to get objections in for the proposed pet rabbit mass breeding unit – the rabbit equivalent of a puppy farm – in Lincolnshire, UK. It is due to be decided by the 17th February.

Firstly, and most importantly, send South Holland District Council your objection to the proposal – If you live in Lincolnshire it is doubly important for you to do this, however you can send an objection regardless of your location.
Please see the following link for the proposal details:…

We believe the most impact will come from emails directly sent to the planning office:
Remember to quote the planning reference in your email – H23-1295-16 – and also to include your full name and postal address in order for it to be valid.
You can also ‘comment’ on the proposal by visiting the following link:…

Remember that because unfortunately moral objections do not hold much weight in planning decisions, the best way to present your opposition to the farm is by focusing on faults with the proposed location and the impact it will have on its surroundings. This does not mean of course that you shouldn’t mention your objection to the cruelty and immorality involved in breeding animals for profit. Mention statistics such as how 67,000 plus rabbits find themselves abandoned into rescue every year (RWAF study) and how 4 out of 5 rabbits bought at Easter are abandoned or dead before they reach their first birthday (RSPCA study).

Our supporter Michelle made a fantastic post with many relevant points to consider here:…

We also suggest visiting the link to the council page and viewing the ‘associated documents’ – in there you shall find some objections from locals who outline the negative impact the farm will have on their lives and the surrounding environment.


– Please, if you haven’t already done so, sign and share the petition. It will be delivered to South Holland District Council before the application is due for consideration on 17th February.

– Please email or call your local Newspaper about the campaign and ask them to print an article about the opposition to this farm, particularly if you are from the surrounding area.

– Tweet your disgust to South Holland District Council – @SHollandDC is their Twitter handle.

– Tweet any celebrities or public figures whom you think may be interested in our campaign and that may retweet to their followers – Particularly those heavily involved in rescue.

– Share this post far and wide – not only on your own page, but with groups that may be interested eg. Animal rights groups, rabbit groups, local Lincolnshire groups, vegan groups, activist groups etc.

– Leave your comments on South Holland District Council’s Facebook page – ask them why they are even considering what is basically a puppy farm for rabbits in their district!


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