Rabbit ear movement

Rabbits have very good hearing which they rely heavily on as prey species. A rabbit’s ear movement can tell you a lot about what is going on and how they are feeling.

Lop rabbits have limited movement and so are not as easy to read as their upright counterparts. However, you will notice that the movements remain the same but are very slight and in a downward position so not as noticeable.

Upright and moving

This shows that your rabbit is alert to noises in their environment. It also indicates that they are not scared or startled but just generally keeping an ear out.

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One up and one down

This indicates that your rabbit is relaxing and has heard something that requires further listening too. However, is not so important that they are going to give it their full attention, yet.

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Upright and facing forward

This is usually coupled with thumping and running to a place of safety. When this occurs your rabbit has heard something that has made them scared and are in flight mode.

If the ear movement is coupled with slowly walking towards an object or person on their tip toes while bobbing their head up and down, this indicates that your rabbit has seen something new that requires cautious investigation. They place their ears in this position in order to gain as much advantage as possible to make a quick escape should things go south.

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Flat back and touching

This shows content and will usually be spotted when your rabbit is sleeping or enjoying a good relax.

Rabbit ear movement relaxed, rabbit body language, rabbit ear relaxed

Flat back

This is usually coupled with lunging and other signs or aggression. If your rabbit is doing this, they are very angry and not at all impressed.

For more on rabbit behaviour follow this link.

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