Rabbit body condition score

It’s very important that your rabbit maintains a healthy weight; there are things you can look out for to establish whether your rabbit is a healthy size or could do with gaining or shedding a few pounds.

The associated risks with having either an over weight or under weight rabbit are serious and can be fatal.

The associated health risks of obesity can cause serious issues for your rabbit, this can include becoming susceptible to diseases like arthritis, fly strike, sore hocks and dental problems to name but a few.

Under weight rabbits have an increased risk of liver disease. GI Stasis is also a very real possibility.

Rabbit body condition score

Score Description Characteristics
1 Very thin Hip bones, ribs and spine are very sharp to the touch and visible. Loss of muscle with no fat cover. Rump area curves in.
2 Thin Hip bones, ribs and spine are easily felt, sharp to the touch and visible. Loss of muscle with little fat cover. Rump is flat.
3 Ideal weight Hip bones, ribs and spine are easily felt but not sharp. Ribs should feel like a pocket full of pens. No abdominal bulge. Rump is flat.
4 Over weight Pressure is needed to feel the hip bones, ribs and spine. Some layers of fat are present, rump is rounded.
5 Obese Very hard to feel the spine and ribs. Hip bones can’t be felt. Tummy sags with fat padding. Rump bulges out.


If your rabbit falls in to any category other than the ideal weight then you should seek veterinary advice on how to either increase or decrease your rabbit’s size. Rabbits need to lose weight slowly.

For more information on what and how much you should be feeding your rabbit follow this link.

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