Predator Proofing

It’s vital that your rabbit’s home is predator proof to prevent a determined fox from gaining access to your rabbits. The following article will provide tips and guidance on how you can do this successfully.


  • Use galvanised metal sheets on windows etc. with spaces no more than 1 inch by 1 ½ inches. Don’t use chicken wire as these can be easily chewed through by a fox. Galvanised metal is stronger as it is welded at the corners in comparison to chicken wire which is not welded.
  • Secure galvanised metal with u shaped nails suitable for wood. The nails will splay in the wood providing added security.
  • Use accommodation with shiplap wood. This will prevent your rabbit from chewing holes in the wood which could create a vantage point for predators to gain access.
  • Replace wooden turn locks with bolt locks. Wooden turn locks are not secure and foxes can easily turn these gaining access to your rabbits.


  • If your run does not secure into the ground place heavy objects such as bricks on top of the run (corners). This will make it heavier and more difficult for foxes to dig under and lift up.
  • Make sure your runs are completely enclosed. Open topped runs will not keep you rabbit safe from predators.
  • Use lengths of galvanised metal sheets secured around the outskirts of your run. Foxes will dig directly by the run in order to gain access underneath. The metal will provide a deterrent for foxes as access to your rabbits won’t be as easy.
  • Secure lengths of metal galvanised sheets into the ground around the perimeter of your rabbits run. If foxes dig at the ground they won’t be able to access the run without going through the metal, again providing a deterrent and a more secure perimeter.
  • If your rabbits are diggers using slabs inside the run will prevent both them tunnelling out and foxes tunnelling in. Alternatively you can put slabs around the inside perimeter of the run. This will prevent foxes from digging straight under and tunnelling straight up, acting as a deterrent. Whilst still providing your rabbits with grass.

For more ideas on outside accommodation follow this link.


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