Litter Training

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Litter training your rabbits couldn’t be easier. All you need is some basic items and you can start your training. Some rabbits will take too it immediately and can be litter trained within days. However, some rabbits require a little more time and perseverance. Rabbits are very clean animals, even in the wild they have an area away from their warren where they do their business.


What You Need:

  • Cat Litter Tray
  • Litter
  • Good quality fresh hay

Its much better to use a cat litter tray than it is to use the corner litter trays that are sold in pet stores. Your rabbit probably wont use the corner tray quite simply because there isn’t enough room. Cat litter trays provide just enough space for most breeds of rabbits for them to hop in comfortably.

Choosing your litter

Do not use clay based or clumping litter for your rabbits, if ingested this can cause blockages. You can buy litter suitable for rabbits or alternatively you can use news papers or puppy pads, both will absorb the urine. If you use wood shavings it’s important that they are dust extracted, as the dust particles can be harmful to their respiratory health. Do not use soft wood shavings (pine and cedar) these have been documented to affect the enzymes in the liver, which can be detrimental to the effectiveness of standard medicines prescribed by your vet. There is also a link between soft wood shavings and cancer.

If your rabbit is prone to getting a messy bottom its advisable to not use shavings as they can get stuck to the rear end causing discomfort.

What to do

Set up your litter tray with your chosen litter, in one corner of the litter tray put some good quality fresh hay. Rabbits will naturally eat whilst going to the toilet. This will encourage your rabbit to start associating the litter tray with toileting.

If your rabbit starts to leave droppings outside of the tray pick them up and put them into the litter tray. Similarly if your rabbit urinates elsewhere soak up the urine with a paper towel and then place the paper towel in the litter tray.

Don’t be disheartened if you see odd dropping on the floor, rabbits like to leave a few around as a way of marking their territory.

Invariably your rabbit will decide in which area they would like their toilet to be. Look out for wherever they seem to favour and put the litter tray there. If you find that your rabbit goes in the litter tray but also another area, you can always add another litter tray to that spot too.