Latest Campaigns

Make household cleaning products cruelty free!

Cruelty Free International have long been campaigning the UK government to ban animal testing on household products. But they need more people to sign their petition to get the government to listen. Rabbits, hamsters, rats and mice are traditionally force fed, injected, gassed and killed in order to test the ingredients that go into day to day household products such as washing up liquid, air fresheners and dishwasher tablets. Cruelty free companies have shown that it is possible to make humane cleaning products without testing on animals and yet thousands of animals are still tested on. Give these animals a voice by signing this petition to stop animal testing on household products.

Compassion in World Farming – End the cage age

In 2014, over a period of 4 months, Compassion in World Farming’s Investigation Unit visited 16 rabbit farms in five European countries. This followed on from an investigation in three EU Member States in 2012. The latest investigation confirmed the extent of the suffering of Europe’s farmed rabbits and uncovered suffering on a huge scale. Add your name to the petition to end these cruel practices and abolish the cage age!

PETA UK – Angora fur trade

PETA Asia investigated the Angora fur trade in China and uncovered horrific abuses inflicted on Angora rabbits used in the fur trade. China is the biggest supplier for angora fur and the extent of the suffering is truly abhorrent. Please add your name to the petition to end this cruel trade. WARNING: This link includes a video of the undercover footage, the footage is horrific.

Stop Crowlands Rabbit Farm

It is with sadness that we have learnt that an application has been submitted to South Hollands District Council, Lincolnshire to build a rabbit breeding farm. Initial plans suggest that the 22.8 meters by 18 meters building will initially hold 120 breeding does.

This is essentially the equivalent of a puppy breeding farm! With 67,000 rabbits a year (RWAF 2012 survey) ending up in Rescue Centres do we really need a breeding farm in the UK, when we clearly have so many unwanted rabbits waiting for their forever home?