Homemade Rabbit Toys

Providing toys and enrichment for your rabbits doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. In fact there a loads of things you can use around your house to create great toys for your rabbits.

Why do rabbits needs toys?

  • Rabbits are inquisitive by nature and need stimulation to prevent them from coming bored and depressed.
  • Toys keep your rabbits active, when your rabbit is active they are less likely to carry excess weight.
  • Toys containing healthy treats such as herbs encourage your rabbits to forage for food. This allows them to exhibit their natural behaviours  similar to their wild cousins.
  • Rabbits with toys and enrichment are less likely to chew your furniture and other valuables as they have plenty to keep them entertained.
  • Toys made from suitable wood and fibre help to keep your rabbits teeth worn down naturally.

Hay kebab with a difference

Hay kebab with a difference, homemade rabbit toys, homemade rabbit boredom breakers, cheap rabbit toys

This is a really easy to make hay kebab with the addition of rabbit friendly chew sticks. You can fill the inside of the hay kebab with herbs or other tasty treats as well as the hay. This will make the kebab more desirable for your rabbits.

The chewable sticks provide the additional benefit of keeping your rabbits teeth a healthy length, as well as the hay inside.

Treat Balls

Treat balls step one

Treat ball step 2treat ball step 3

treat ball step 4, homemade rabbit toys , rabbit enrichment, homemade rabbit boredom breakers, making rabbit toystreat ball step 5, homemade rabbit toy, homemade rabbit boredom breaker














These treat balls encourage your rabbits to forage for their food whilst remaining active. They will keep them entertained as well as allowing them to exhibit their natural behaviours.


For more homemade rabbit toy ideas follow this link.




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