Foraging Files: Silverweed

Name: Silverweed aka Argentina Anserina, common silverweed, silverweed cinquefoil, gooseherb

Appearance: The silverweed is a low growing plant that can grow up to 80cm in height.  The leaves of this plant are green, with fine silky white hairs growing on them, particularly of note on the underside. Hence where the plant gets its name. These hairs also grow on the stem.

Silverweed: Foraging for rabbits

The flowers are yellow and contain five petals.

Storage: The leaf of this plant can be eaten fresh or dried. Best used as part of a mixed forage due to the size of the leaf.

Additional Information: The silverweed is often found in areas with sandy or gravelly soil.

The roots of this plant are believed to be an antispasmodic.

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