Foraging Files: Ground Elder

Name: Ground Elder aka Bishops Weed/ Herb Gerard/ Goutweed

Ground Elder

Appearance: The Ground Elder sprouts green shoots early in the year, followed in late spring/ early summer in to tall green stems (up to 50 cm). Several flat head flowers appear in late spring. Your rabbit can enjoy both the stem of this plant and the leaves.

Avoid: Once the plant starts to flower the taste changes and your rabbit may not enjoy eating this forage.

Storage: The Ground Elder can be dried; however, the leaves can prove problematic with a tendency to wilt.

Best time to forage: Forage this plant until the white flowers start to appear.

Additional Information: The Ground Elder is an invasive weed so you can find this plant in abundance.

Do not confuse this with the Elder (Sambuca) as this should NOT be fed to your rabbits.

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