Foraging Files: Goldenrod




This plant grows up to 70cm tall and is considered to be highly invasive plant, making it an appealing choice for foragers. It has long green stems that are adorned with long slim green leaves. Culminating in a cluster of golden flowers at the top of the plant. There are approximately 120 species of this plant.

The leaves of the Goldenrod make it distinguishable from Ragwort, a plant that is poisonous to many species of animals.

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The Goldenrod is a quick drying plant, making it ideal for storage.

Best time to forage:

The Goldenrod flowers in the summer; this is when it is most abundantly found.

Additional information:

It is believed that this forage is beneficial to the kidneys as well as being a diuretic. Native Americans were known to chew the leaves to help with sore throats and the roots for toothache.

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