Foraging Files: Crab Apple

Name: Crab Apple aka Malus Sylvestris

crab appleAppearance: The crab apple is a small tree that grows up to 8 metres high. It can be identified by the white and pink blossom during Spring time, come Autumn these will have turned to green and red apples.

Avoid: Although all parts of the crab apple can be eaten by your rabbits, avoid taking the leaves unless they have fallen or are about to fall, for conservational reasons. The same extends to removing branches etc. Limit the amount of apple you feed your rabbits, saving it for occasional treats.

Storage: The leaves are perfect for drying.

Best time to forage: You can forage the crab apple all year round.

Additional Information: Unlike weeds the crab apple tree takes a long time to grow, remember this when you are foraging.

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