Foraging Files: Borage

Name: Borage aka Starflower, Borago Officinalis, Bee Bread

borageAppearance: Borage grows up to 90cm tall, it has hairs that grow along the stems and leaves making the plant look distinctive. The flowers of this plant are blue with a white centre, they have five petals that grow in a star shape. The garden variety can also come in pink and white.

Avoid: You wont need to avoid any part.

Storage: Borage can be dried out, however, it will wilt considerably.

Best time to forage: If you grow Borage from a seed, the flowers will produce in May.

Additional Information: Borage has been medicinally used in humans for gastrointestinal, urinary and lung problems. It is high in calcium, iron and Vitimans A and C.

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