Excessive thirst and excessive urine production in rabbits

Very simply put urine production and thirst are liked between your rabbit’s kidneys and their brain. The brain regulates and releases hormones to maintain the correct levels of hormones in the blood.

Rabbit drinking water


  • Greater than usual urine production (polyuria)
  • Greater than usual water consumption (polydipsia)



Your vet will need to rule out any common causes for the symptoms displayed and carry out diagnostic testing, ascertaining the cause of the excessive urination or water consumption.

  • Complete blood profile (establishes overall health and detects a wide range of disorders)
  • Urinalysis (test performed on a urine sample for a medical diagnosis of a condition)
  • X-ray of the abdominal area
  • Ultrasonography


Treatment will depend on the outcome of the diagnostic testing, once that has been established treatment for that condition will commence.

In the interim: continue to provide fresh water and provide leafy greens which contain water as well as their normal complement of food.

If your rabbit stops eating or drinking syringe feeding and fluid therapy will be needed. Consult a rabbit savvy vet immediately.

N.B. If your rabbit stops eating or drinking this is fatal and will need to be addressed immediately, rabbits who do not eat or drink can die within 24 hours.


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