Cataracts in Rabbits

A cataract is an opaque layer that forms over one or both eyes of your rabbit. The opaque layer can either partially or fully cover the eye. There are three types of cataract; mature (entire lens in covered), immature (lens is partially covered) and hypermature (lens capsule is wrinkled and the contents have become liquid or solid).


  • One or both eyes are fully/ partially covered with an opaque layer
  • Discharge from the eye
  • Swelling of the iris
  • White lumps on the iris


  • Most rabbits with cataracts are born with it
  • It can occur for no reason
  • As a result of a bacterial infection such as E. Cuniculi (encephalitozoon cuniculi)
  • Poor diet resulting in an increase of glucose in the blood


  • The opaque lens is an obvious characteristic of cataracts
  • Testing for bacterial infections


Surgery is the primary treatment for cataracts with a better prognosis if dealt with as early as possible.

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