Bottom Bath for Rabbits

Rabbits should not be bathed on a regular basis unless their is a medical need to do so, for example, they have a messy bottom or urine scalds. Rabbits are naturally very clean animals and will clean themselves and each other daily. Excess washing can result in damage to the natural oils that rabbits produce.

It’s important that your bath should be very shallow, you must never submerge your rabbit in the water and the water should never be deeper than their feet, do not use a shower head as this can be very distressing. Either place an anti slip bath mat or a towel at the bottom of the bath, this will help the rabbit feel safer as they will have something to grip on to. Make sure that the water is warm, if it is either too hot or cold then you can cause distress or harm to your rabbit.

Using an antibacterial shampoo made for small animals, place a small amount in the water and froth up the bubbles. Before you put your rabbit in the bath make sure that you have a towel ready to dry them off. This may also be a job for two people. Place your rabbit in the water and make sure that you still have hold of them, using your other hand or another person gently start cleaning your rabbits rear end until they are clean. Make sure that all the soap is removed.

If you are using a bath make sure that you don’t let your rabbit go, if they start becoming distressed and thrash about they could cause serious damage to themselves if they slip. If you are using a sink its also important that you don’t let them go, if they become distressed they may do serious harm to themselves if they jump out of the sink and fall from a height.

Once you have finished make sure that you dry your rabbit off completely with a towel. It’s important that you don’t leave them with a wet bottom, especially if they live outside. Having damp fur can be attractive to flies, they may also get extremely cold if you put them outside with wet fur.

For more information on messy bottoms follow this link.

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