Binky Day – June 1st

June 1st is quite possibly one of the best days ever! Why is that I hear you ask? June 1st happens to be Binky Day.

 binky day 1st june

What is a binky?

A binky is a rabbits’ expression of pure joy. If you imagine being so happy that you literally jump for joy, then that is what your rabbit is doing when they binky.

Your rabbit can do a binky at any time; whilst running at high speeds, whilst slowly hopping around or from a complete stand still.

They jump into the air flicking their back feet and shaking their heads, possibly combined with a twisting landing.

What better way to explain a binky then to show you a binky in action.

This is one of our favourite binky slow mo videos and if you look carefully you will see Flopsy shake his tail feather!

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