At Binky About we believe that rabbits deserve better, as the third most popular pet in the UK they are also the most neglected. That is why rabbit welfare is essential to making sure that these beautiful and inquisitive creatures are not left suffering.

At Binky About we believe that education is the key to success. It’s not simply a matter of intentional neglect from owners, it is a fundamental unawareness of the basic welfare needs that rabbits require to live a healthy and happy life. People don’t bring a pet in to their home with the view of being neglectful, it’s a fundamental lack of knowledge and understanding that leads to in most cases unknowing neglect.

Misrepresentation and a lack of good quality information is often the cause, for some reason that is not always clear, people seem less willing to move with the times when it comes to what rabbits need. Many rabbits still live in small hutches, the kind that they were housed in when Victorians kept them in hutches for food. And yet here we are now with many people still associating rabbits with hutches. Small confined areas, and yet in the wild, rabbits will travel up to 5 miles a day foraging for food!

The portrayal of rabbits from large companies and conglomerates also contribute to this. Too often we see representations of cruel practises such as trancing in the media as a fun activity, rather than the cruelty that it truly is. This is why we need to educate people so that these practices are not common place and treated with nonchalance, but rather the outrage it deserves.

67,000 (RWAF 2012 survey) rabbits a year end up in rescue centres, this statistic doesn’t include the thousands of rabbits left neglected and alone in gardens across the UK and the world. With horrifying figures such as this something has to change now.

Welfare Needs

  • Rabbits need to be able to exhibit their natural behaviours such as; running, jumping, foraging, grooming, chewing, digging, stretching etc.
  • Rabbits need access to large secure accommodation where they can hop and stretch. This must be clean, dry, ventilated and safe from escape and predators.
  • Rabbits need access to a good quality diet, a diet that is suited to rabbits.
  • Rabbits need a fellow rabbit companion, they are social animals and will suffer if they are kept alone.
  • Rabbits need access to toys and enrichment. They are inquisitive animals who can become easily bored.
  • Rabbits need to have vaccinations and regular health checks by a rabbit savvy vet. And when the time arises they will need to have suitable medical treatment.
  • Rabbits need to have positive interactions with humans taking their needs into consideration.

Where does Binky About fit in?

We are an e-zine style website, publishing articles that help you as owners learn more about rabbits. At Binky About education is essential and we provide up to date advice and guidance on a variety of issues and subjects.

We give advice and tips on how to care for your rabbit and how to provide for their welfare needs.

The information we provide cuts out jargon that can be confusing and focuses on the issues in as simple a way as we can. Rabbit welfare is our passion and we are part of the revolution to change how rabbits are viewed in our society.

If you can’t find what you are looking for then trying searching our website, using the search box at the top of the page. Or contact us using our online web form.